Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Noob results..

Finally.. after 2 months of not blogging.. Sad to say my first blog in 2 months will be about my results..
As expected of me.. i was watching anime... but then i guess i could try out the website to check the results.. cause I thought oni 12am the results will come out..
So.. i just log in and see.. then i was like wtf... results out... omg y so fast? 12 am la... dumb malaysian timing la..
So my heart was pounding faster... then i open.. i was like... EALD WTF??? SO LOW?? MAHAI!!
Then u noe la.. my TER IS GONE!! SO LOW!!
Dreams of goin monash shattered.. dream of goin australia oso shattered.. now wat m i suppose to do?? PICK RUBBISH??????

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